Ogan Steel Construction Mechanical Engineering Import. Export. Industry. Company. In the last quarter of 2020 Oğuz
Yaşar founded by. Oguz Yasar, born in Yattan, Mugla, first entered the sector in 1995 Yatağan thermal power plant
acquired with experiences. Then After setting in Izmir and gaining experience in leading companies in machinery and
equipment manufacturing, the seeds of Ogan Machinery Company were laid.

Providing on-site support to companies at the beginning, Ogan Makine started to complete its manufacturing and assembly projects in its own facility with the manufacturing workshop it put into operation in the Menemen industrial zone.

Ogan Makina, which continues to serve its customers in project-based partial or design-to-delivery turnkey projects as a result of the experiences of the technical administrative staff employed within the company, are almost all industrial organizations, especially the construction, chemical, mining and machinery industries.


Ogan Steel Construction Mechanical Engineering Import. Export. Industry. Company as,
• To use our quality organization as a management tool
• To monitor the effectiveness of our system and to continuously improve
• To create the phenomenon of leadership throughout the organization and to make all our employees aware and to ensure their involvement
• To determine customer-based working principles
• To ensure our high competitiveness in technology with continuous development and improvement
• We are committed to creating and maintaining the necessary resources


Ogan Steel Construction Mechanical Engineering Import. Export. Industry. Company as,
• In line with international values,
• Respectful to the environment, nature and society,
• Efficient use of resources,
• By adhering to mutual trust and honest behavior relations in our commercial and social relations
• To produce machines in all types and models that will be profitable for our customers, partners, suppliers and employees, to bring them to market and to


Ogan Steel Construction Mechanical Engineering Import. Export. Industry. Company as,
We have determined and implemented our VALUES AND PRINCIPLES as follows:
• Always being the best is our indispensable goal
• Develops the best systems and processes for those who do
• Honesty and trust are our most basic principles
• All work done is the product of solidarity and our commitment to each other.


1- Field Tank

We provide manufacturing and assembly services for field tanks widely used in the heavy industry sector.

Field tank manufacturing in the industrial area is carried out for the purpose of stocking the products used. The volume of field tanks is quite large. Tank production can be made in different sizes in volume. The need to stock up on oil, water, fuel and similar products is met by field tank manufacturing. Our field tank manufacturing and assembly services comply with international standards and are carried out in high quality.

In the design and operation of field tanks, the nature of the fluid usually contained in it is important. Accordingly, many landscaping is created in the application of field tanks. Especially field tanks have different characteristics than underground storage tanks. Generally field tanks benefit from areas such as oil industry, waste materials, water, chemicals. It is also effective in preventing other hazardous substances and materials. Industrial standards are essential in the manufacture of field tanks.

2- Steam Power Plant

Bio-energy Construction of Pressure Steam Tanks and Piping Lines at The Plant.

The reasons for preference for steam use in the industry can be listed as follows:

  1. It is possible to rise to high fluid temperatures.
  2. Temperature is constant on heat transition surfaces. Steam heat draw usually occurs by condensing saturated steam.
    Since this process occurs at a constant temperature, the temperature of the steam side is constant throughout the entire heating surface.
  3. It is possible to carry out temperature control very precisely. The constant condensation temperature in question depends on the pressure of the steam.
    It is possible to control the process temperature very precisely through pressure control.
  4. It is possible to carry a large amount of heat energy with a small mass.
  5. Steam is hygienic, a completely pure substance.
    Therefore, it is an indispensable disinfection and process element, especially in the food industry.
    The steam-free food industry is unthinkable.

3- Machine Trails

We can define the machine track as a collection of independent machines or machines within a business. Excluding immovable assets, you can consider the entire production facility as a machine track with all production lines and auxiliary facilities.

According to International Evaluation Standards (UDES), there is actually a more general definition of machine track.

Defined as assets intended to be used continuously in the activities of a business. Land, buildings, machinery, equipment, for example, are listed among these asset categories. In addition, land, land and buildings, machinery, ships, aircraft, motor vehicles, furniture and fixtures and office
devices are always in this category of assets. However, machines such as industrial cutting machines are mostly used in the field of industrial and industrial.

4- Steel Mill Installation

We provide engineering services for steel construction factory construction. Industrial organizations that will serve all kinds of needs can have various special designs. In such cases, our engineers design standard or specially designed steel construction factories for you.

The construction of the steel construction factory drawn in the application project begins with basic digging and correction processes. Flanks are placed on the foundation where steel columns will sit according to their place in the project. Factory construction continues with the planting of steel columns.
The steel construction factory roof is placed with the help of a crane by applying a system called A roof on steel construction. Different roofing systems are also available.

The factory steel construction skeleton is thus fully formed. Factory exterior coating can be made of desired material. Trapeze sheet is generally preferred.

Sandwich panel products are used in factories where thermal insulation is required. On the factory roof, sheet metal is usually preferred. Transparent panels are thrown between them to ensure the use of daylight.

5- Resting and Collapsing Pool Construction

We have tank manufacturing, stainless tank, Fuel Tank, Water tank, steel construction, heating cooling,
piping, sand filter, manufacturing and assembly works.


• It is manufactured as above-ground or underground storage tanks according to its model.
• The tank is designed with cylindrical section and designed with the most durable and safest combination.
• In our tanks, in the NORM EN 10028-3, high strength, fine-grained, normalized special “P” series pressure vessel steel
is used. The mechanical and metallurgical properties of steels are tested and verified.
• The elliptical bomb with de-voltage removal process is used in accordance with the standards in the tank heads.
• Manufacturing and quality processes are carried out under the supervision of independent inspection body in
accordance with standards and procedures with our expert, experienced engineer staff.
• Welding process is carried out by certified welders with materials and methods in accordance with the standards.
• It is carried out by our certified NDT personnel who are competent and internationally valid in testing and controlling
all welded combinations.
• After manufacturing, all tanks are subjected to hydrostatic pressure testing.
• Tank exteriors are sandblasted in SA 2.5 quality before painting
• The best product is offered to the customer by using corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, high-quality two-component
paint products of paint companies that have proven their international quality for painting.

7- Steel Water Tank

Today, in order to ensure that water is stored and protected in more reliable and healthier conditions; water storage tanks produced in modular parts using stainless (AISI 304) material in desired tonnage (m3) with full hygienic properties that do not make odors, do not produce germs.

  • Durability
    Modules are resisted by cold forming in high pressure presses.
  • Hygiene
    All parts of modular warehouses are produced in accordance with hygiene conditions. No algae or bacteria form in the stainless (AISI 304) tank.


It is very easy to maintain and repair. Parts can be replaced independently of each other if necessary.


Modular water tanks can be easily installed in module parts in the desired space. Warehouse installation is carried out with special bolt tightening machines. It can be easily broken down and assembled to another place if desired. After the installation is finished in the modular
system, the storage size can be increased by increasing the modules if the space is available. It can be assembled by passing it in pieces from narrow places.

8- Silo Tanks

Silo is a structure where wholesale materials are protected, stored or stored and built according to the size of the enterprise.
In this way, many cereals are stored by sourdough. Thanks to sourness, cereals can be stored for a long time without spoilage.

The Silo consists of a high structure in the form of a cylinder made according to special procedures. Steel silos, which are of great importance in the storage of pulses such as wheat and corn, ensure that thousands of tons of products are protected from deterioration for a long time in a narrow area. In steel silos, the products can be preserved as if they had just been harvested from the field for a year. While 6,000 tons of product can be comfortably stocked in a silo of 300-350 square meters, it is prevented from getting stale and containing carcinogenic substances. Products protected in an environment free from getting wet in the rain, warming up in the heat and lice are given to the consumer with its freshness on the first day in months.


9- Containers

The container is a reusable steel box-shaped structure built for efficient, safe and undamaged material transportation within the transportation system with international standards. The container can be transported in different forms of transportation without emptying the material inside. Container sizes can be of various different
sizes determined by ISO 6346 standard.

Containers can be transported in a variety of different modes of transport until they reach the destination address at once. Container ships, road transport and rail transportation can be made
repeatedly thanks to the lock mechanism at the bottom of the container. The containers are used for various purposes in order to save energy and resources after they have completed their travel life. Due to the presence of approximately 3.5 tons of steel in a container, a large amount of energy is required to melt it.

Therefore, containers are reassessed especially in residential and residential areas. It is preferred due to its robustness in modular structures.

Ogan Steel Construction Mechanical Engineering Import. Export. Industry. Company as ,

In our factory with an area of 2000 m square m in Izmir, we can carry out project-based applications of all the machines and equipment needed or to carry out design-to-delivery (turnkey) manufacturing; we can undertake in-plant piping, inter-machine piping, machine-equipment revisions, machine-equipment installation, turnkey installation of facilities or disassembly-assembly, steel construction projecting, manufacturing and on-site installation from one location to a different location.

In addition, we perform chrome-based craftsmanship. We carry out our chrome metal-based works on a project-based basis as well as in steel construction and machinery-equipment, or in line with the needs of our customers, and we usually provide turnkey services for the food sector. We provide quality service with our staff who are experts in their field and have proficiency certificates.

We are happy to serve you with the facilities offered by our joint subsidiaries and the construction of steel building products suitable for occupational safety.

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